Lab Directors


Dr. Pete Burnap

Computer Science & Informatics


Professor Matthew Williams

Social Sciences

Lab Deputy-Directors


Dr. Luke Sloan

Social Sciences


Professor Omer Rana

Computer Science & Informatics

Lab Associates

Dr. Luca Giommoni (Cybersecurity and Risk & Safety)

Prof. Mike Levi (Cybersecurity and Risk & Safety)

Dr. Will Chivers (Cybersecurity)

Dr. Jamie Lewis (Health and Wellbeing)

Dr. Jeff Morgan (HPC & Scalability)

Dr. Jasmin Tregidga (Cybersecurity and Risk & Safety)

Research Staff

Dr. Yulia Cherdantseva (Cybersecurity)

Mr. Matthew Nunes (Cybersecurity)

PhD Students

Nasser Al-Saedi (COMSC: Mining Disruptive Events from Social Media)

Lisa Callaway (SOCSI/JOMEC: Social Media and Resistance)

William Chivers (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Counter Surveillance)

Daniel Gray (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Misogyny)

Amir Javed (also COMSC research staff: Understanding Malware Behaviour in Online Social Networks & Predicting Cyber Attacks)

Matthew Nunes (EPSRC Scholarship) (COMSC: Self-Healing Approaches to Network Intrusion Detection)

Abinaya Sowri Raghavan Padmavathi (COMSC: Social Network Evolution: Community Detection, Predicting Connections & Modelling Malware Propagation)

Luke Roach (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Social Media, Terrorist Attacks and Cyberhate)

Ian Thomas (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Sex Behaviours)

Sefa Ozlap (Government Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Reactions on Social Media to Terrorist Attacks)

Arron Cullen (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Estimating Perceptions towards the Police and Criminal Justice System using Open Source Communications)

Scott Kerpen (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Sexual Identity)

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