The Social Data Science Lab maintains and distributes the ESRC COSMOS Open Data Analytics software. COSMOS is available at no cost to academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations. Please email us to request a download link using your institutional email address.

COSMOS Version 1.5:  This latest version of the software fixes many reported bugs and introduces new features for real-time Twitter data collection (snapshot) and data sub-sample selection.

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  • COSMOS V 1.5 user interface, data collection, analysis and visualisation by Social Data Science Lab, Cardiff University
  • Twitter API authentication by University of St. Andrews
  • Sentiment Analysis via SentiStrength by University of Wolverhampton


1. Authorising COSMOS to collect Twitter Data

2. Collecting and Importing Twitter Data

3. Importing Pre Existing Twitter Data

4. Building Visualisations

5. Drilling Down into Data

6. Frequency Analysis

7. Network Analysis

8. Adding CSV Files

9. Adding RSS Feeds

10. Adding UK Census Data

11. Linking Social Media and UK Census Data

12. Taking Snapshots During Data Collection (v1.5)



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