The Lab has been successful in winning awards from several funders in the UK and US including public (EPSRC, ESRC, JISC, NIJ), private (Admiral Insurance, Airbus Group) and third sector (Community Security Trust) organisations. To date we have been involved in 25 grants amounting to more than £7.64 million, bringing in over £4.1 million directly to the Lab.

Core Funding (2017-2020)

Social Data Science Lab: Methods and Infrastructure Development for Open Data Analytics in Social Research
• Funded by Economic & Social Research Council
• £450,000 (Burnap, Williams, Sloan & Rana)

Grants Awarded by Theme


Centre for Cyberhate Research & Policy: Real-Time Scalable Methods & Infrastructure for Modelling the Spread of Cyberhate on Social Media
• Funded by ESRC
• £256,155 (Williams & Burnap)

Understanding Online Hate Speech as a Motivator for Hate Crime
• Funded by National Institute for Justice, US Department of Justice
• $834,432 (Williams & Burnap in partnership with Rand US & Europe)

Event Detection using Open Source Communications
• Funded by Airbus Group
• £936,000 (Burnap & Williams in partnership with Airbus Endeavor Wales)

Investigating the Link between Social Media Activity and Reporting Crime
• Funded by Metropolitan Police Service Centre for Scientific and Engineering Excellence
• £49,950 (Burnap & Williams)

Impact Acceleration Award – Embedding Open Source Intelligence Analytics within the Metropolitan Police Service
• Funded by ESRC
• £25,000 (Burnap, Williams, Rana & Sloan)

Impact Acceleration Award – Assessing the Market Interest in Big Social Data Analytics
• Funded by EPSRC
• £7,500 (Burnap, Williams, Rana & Sloan)

Digital Wildfire: (Mis)information flows, propagation and responsible governance
• Funded by ESRC (Global Uncertainties)
• £196,333 (Jirotka, Burnap, Williams, Rana, Procter, Housley, Edwards & Stahl)

Detecting Tension and Cohesion in Local Communities with Social Media
• Funded by Airbus Group
• £51,040 (Rana, Burnap, Sloan & Williams)

Social Media and Prediction: Crime Sensing, Data Integration & Statistical Modelling
• Funded by ESRC under the NCRM Methods Innovation Call
• £194,138 (Williams, Burnap, Sloan, Rana, Housley, Edwards, Procter & Voss)

Hate Speech and Social Media: Understanding Users, Networks and Information Flows
• Funded by ESRC and Google
• £124, 986 (Housley, Williams, Burnap, Edwards, Rana, Procter, Voss & Knight)

Digital Social Research Tools, Tension Indicators and Safer Communities: A Demonstration of COSMOS
• Funded by ESRC
• £97,506 (Williams, Rana, Avis, Housley, Edwards & Burnap)


Identifying Attack Vectors for Network Intrusion via IoT devices Developing a Goal-Oriented Approach to Determining Impact Across Threat Surfaces (IoT Depends)
• Funded by EPSRC PETRAS Hub
• £136,205 (Burnap)

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL) 2
• Funded by Foundation Wales – Welsh Government and Airbus Innovations.
• £760,000 (Burnap, Cherdantseva, Theodorakopolous & Jones)

The Implications of Economic Cybercrime for Policing
• Funded by City of London Corporation
• £25,000 (Williams, Levi & Wall)

SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL)
• Funded by Foundation Wales – Welsh Government and Airbus Innovations
• £1,250,000 (Jones, Burnap, Blyth & Stoddart)

Identifying and Modelling Victim, Business, Regulatory and Malware Behaviours in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape
• Funded by EPSRC under the Global Uncertainties Consortia for Exploratory Research in Security (CEReS) call
• £1,200,000 (Rana, Williams, Burnap, Levi, Matthews, Clarke, Furnell, Ganis, Rajarajan & Wall)


The 2016 Welsh Election Study: A Study of the 2016 Election to the National Assembly for Wales
• Funded by ESRC
• £257,148 (Scully, Jones, Cutts, Sloan, Burnap & Williams)

Digital Social Research Tools, Tension Indicators and Safer Communities: A Demonstration of COSMOS
• Funded by ESRC
• £97,506 (Williams, Rana, Avis, Housley, Edwards & Burnap)


Public perceptions of the UK food system: public understanding and engagement, and the impact of crises and scares
• Funded by ESRC and the Food Standards Agency
• £291,200 (Roberts, Dowler, Draper, Sloan, Williams & Burnap)

Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Aftermath of Youth Suicides
• Funded Department of Health
• £200,000 (Scourfield, Burnap, Williams, Housley & Edwards)


Scaling the Computational Analysis of “Big Social Data” & Massive Temporal Social Media Datasets
• Funded by High Performance Computing Wales
• £45,000 (Burnap, Rana, Sloan & Williams)

Small items of research equipment at Cardiff University
• Funded by EPSRC
• £620,000 (Burnap)

Supporting Empirical Digital Social Research for the Social Sciences with a Virtual Research Environment
• Funded by JISC
• £55,519 (Burnap, Williams, Housley, Rana, Edwards & Avis)

Requirements Analysis for Social Media Analysis Research Tools
• Funded by ESRC
• £5,000 (Burnap, Rana, Avis, Williams, Housley & Edwards)


Improving Driver Risk Modeling with Big Data Analytics
• Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Admiral Insurance
• £378,648 (Burnap)

Living Data Lab Graph Analytics
• Modeling Social Media with Graph Databases (Neo4j) with Living Data
• £5,000 (Rana)

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