Lab Directors


Professor Pete Burnap

Computer Science & Informatics


Professor Matthew Williams

Social Sciences

Lab Deputy-Directors


Dr. Luke Sloan

Social Sciences


Professor Omer Rana

Computer Science & Informatics

Research Associates

Vacant, Social Data Science Lab, Lead Software Engineer

Mrs Serenay Ozalp, Social Data Science Lab, Engagement Lead

Dr. Ruth Ikwu, Social Data Science Lab, CyberTNOC

Mr Arron Cullen, Research Associate, HateLab

Mr. Sefa Ozalp, Associate Reseacher, HateLab

Dr. Han Liu, Research Associate, HateLab

Lab Associates

Dr. Luca Giommoni (Crime & Security, Cybercrime)

Prof. Mike Levi (Crime & Security, Cybercrime)

Dr. Steve Cook (Crime & Security, Cybercrime)

Doctoral Researchers

Nasser Al-Saedi (COMSC: Mining Disruptive Events from Social Media)

Lisa Callaway (SOCSI/JOMEC: Social Media and Resistance)

William Chivers (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Counter Surveillance)

Daniel Gray (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Misogyny)

Amir Javed (also COMSC research staff: Understanding Malware Behaviour in Online Social Networks & Predicting Cyber Attacks)

Matthew Nunes (EPSRC Scholarship) (COMSC: Self-Healing Approaches to Network Intrusion Detection)

Abinaya Sowri Raghavan Padmavathi (COMSC: Social Network Evolution: Community Detection, Predicting Connections & Modelling Malware Propagation)

Luke Roach (ESRC Collaborative Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Social Media, Terrorist Attacks and Cyberhate)

Ian Thomas (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Sex Behaviours)

Sefa Ozlap (University Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Reactions on Social Media to Terrorist Attacks)

Arron Cullen (ESRC Collaborative Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Estimating Perceptions towards the Police and Criminal Justice System using Open Source Communications)

Scott Kerpen (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: Social Media and Sexual Identity)

Wafa Alorainy (Government Scholarship) (COMSC/SOCSI: Cyberhate Classification)

Simon White (ONS Data Science Campus & ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Crime Pattern Estimation and Social Media)

Ben Foster (ESRC Collaborative Scholarship) (SOCSI/COMSC: Community Tension Monitoring using Open Source Data)

Jodi Luker (ESRC Scholarship) (SOCSI: The Impacts of Homophobic Hate Speech on Twitter)

Andreas Mastrosavvas (SOCSI/COMSC: ‘Fake News’ Propagation)

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